SGA and Volunteer Opportunities Help Nursing Student Thrive at TTUHSC El Paso

SGA and Volunteer Opportunities Help Nursing Student Thrive at TTUHSC El Paso

Some people know instantly what they want to do for a living. For others, like Albert Romero, it takes trying a few jobs before finding the right one.

“I worked as a pharmacy technician then switched over to software development,” Romero said. “After a while, it felt slower paced and I wanted something that was faster paced again. I looked back at the things I had done before and where I felt I had made a difference. Being able to aid people when they needed it helped guide me into pursuing nursing.”

Albert Romero
Albert Romero

Romero applied and was accepted into the Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, where he’s currently completing his second semester. The program is challenging, packing four consecutive semesters in a 16-month-period.

After looking at various nursing programs in the El Paso area, Romero made an appointment with an advisor at the Hunt School of Nursing.

“When I went for my appointment, I was very impressed with how friendly and professional they were,” Romero said. “Everyone came off as being very positive people, and that made me want to be a part of the school. I also liked how they looked at applicants holistically.”

While a tight academic schedule allows little free time, Romero has managed to make time to become involved in the Student Government Association, where he was recently named president. He also volunteers in the community.

“Students gain leadership skills along with great opportunities to help fellow students and the surrounding community,” Romero said about being a part of SGA.

TTUHSC El Paso offers several volunteer opportunities throughout the year to its students and Romero is thankful for that.

“I think it’s interesting and amazing how several people can come together to help those who might not have the means, or might have trouble finding the means, to get adequate health care,” Romero said.

Romero is able to attend nursing school with the help of the university’s Endowment Scholarship and the Hunt Designated Tuition Scholarship.

“Receiving these scholarships has meant a great deal to me,” Romero said. “They’ve helped pay for tuition and books, and because of that, I can focus on school and participate in student organizations and volunteer opportunities available through the school.”

Romero added that scholarships allow students to avoid having to pick up part-time work during school, which means they can devote their time to studies. The scholarships help pay for tuition, books and supplies, helping students incur less debt.

“My time at TTUHSC El Paso has been short, but it’s been filled with great experiences with great people,” Romero said. “That’s including faculty, staff and students. There’s effort put into making this school great – and it shows every day.”