Match Day Awards

Match Day Awards

174As part of Match Day festivities, a ceremony is held along with an awards ceremony.  These awards are voted on by Paul L. Foster School of Medicine fourth-year students.  They are as follows:

Dr.MartinLifetime Teaching Award – Charmaine Martin, M.D.
Faculty of the Year – Gordon Woods, Ph.D.
Resident of the Year – Mohamed Teleb, M.D.
Staff of the Year – Ines Monarrez

Department’s also presented awards to students:

Osler Award in Internal Medicine – Rahul Chhana
Osler Award in Internal Medicine – Blake Tanner
Outstanding Student in Internal Medicine – Patrick Berg
Outstanding Student in Emergency Medicine – Stephanie Diebold
Outstanding Student in Psychiatry – Tim Bullock
Outstanding Student in Surgery – Micheal Sippel
Outstanding Student in Neurology – Barret Halgas
Outstanding Student in Obstetrics and Gynecology – Jay Jackson
Outstanding Student in Family Medicine – Jay Jackson
Outstanding Student in Pediatrics – Cullen Ryburn

Students presented ‘fun’ awards to the following:

Kathryn Horn, M.D. – “Most Likely To Lay Down The Law” Award (Received Toy Handcuffs)

President Richard Lange – “Most Likely To Cure World Hunger With Rudy’s” Award (Received Rudy’s BBQ Sauce)199
Gordon Woods, M.D. – “Person We Want Most To Read Us A Book While We Fall Asleep” Award (Received a Sesame Street Book).
Johnathon Lavezo – “Most Likely To Have A Tiny Creature Living In His Beard” Award (Received a Set of Razors)
Nik Ragula – “Most Likely To Lead A Team To Defeat” Award (Received an Empty 204Envelope – No Prize for Second Place, and a Second Place Ribbon)
Maricarmen Stout – “Most Likely To Break Someone’s Nose Playing Volleyball” Award (Received a Box of BandAids)