Resident Profile: Christopher Osan

Resident Profile: Christopher Osan

image003Residency Program and year of completion: Family Medicine, 2017

Age: 36

Immediate Family: Alyssa Pagliere Osan

Hometown: Munster, Ind.

What made you decide that medicine was the career for you? The desire to have the knowledge to heal.

Where do you see yourself five years after residency graduation? Paying off my student loans.

Favorite thing to do in El Paso: Watch the sunset and sunrise over the mountains.

What do you do in your downtime? Walk the dog, play fetch with the dog, feed the dog, groom the dog, give the dog treats and train the dog.

Three words that describe you: Honest, outgoing, pragmatic.

Something about you that not many people may know: I was a hockey goaltender in high school and college.