Resident Profile: Emily Fong

Resident Profile: Emily Fong

FongResidency Program and year of completion: Pediatrics, 2018

Age: 27

Hometown: Houston, Texas

What made you decide that medicine was the career for you? I have always had a passion for preventative medicine and helping others lead healthy lives to their utmost full potential.

Where do you see yourself five years after residency graduation? I plan to have my own practice or work at Houston’s Texas Medical Center where I will be able to pursue both my dream as a pediatrician and be close to home with my family.

Favorite thing to do in El Paso: Experimenting different restaurants and cultural events around town with my resident family.

What do you do in your downtime? Spend time with my resident family, yoga, and zumba.

Three words that describe you: Friendly, committed, reliable.

Something about you that not many people may know: People have told me that they are surprised I have such a big voice!