ADHD Seminar Draws Big Turnout of Parents and Caregivers

ADHD Seminar Draws Big Turnout of Parents and Caregivers

Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso’s ambulatory division welcomed 52 parents and caregivers to its April 25 Meet and Learn seminar, “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What Every Parent Should Know.”

Anacani Fonseca, M.D., a pediatric developmental-behavioral specialist at TTP El Paso, spoke about ADHD diagnosis, treatment options, and myths and reality about the disorder.  Monica De La Torre, M.A., LPC, a therapist with TTP El Paso’s General Pediatrics Ambulatory Clinic, gave tips for parents of children who have ADHD. Bonnie Perez, director of the El Paso-Based PEN Project, provided guidance to parents of children with disabilities and gave information about community resources and school accommodations. The PEN Project is a federally funded Parent Training and Information Center serving Texas parents of children with disabilities.

Aside from learning about ADHD in children, Maria Theresa Villanos, M.D., medical director of the General Pediatrics Ambulatory Clinic, emphasized the importance of routine pediatric visits.

“Monitoring children’s growth, developmental, behavioral and mental health, identifying problems and providing early intervention is the key,” Dr. Villanos said.

The participants provided excellent feedback on the seminar and expressed that they would like to have more seminars like this in the future. The participants also suggested future topics for Meet and Learn events.

Check out a photo gallery from the event below: