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Around Campus

Phishing Scam Notification

The Texas Tech University (TTU) main campus IT Department received reports from TTU users that received target phishing messages indicating that their computers are compromised and directing them to call a NON-Institutional number for phone support. The phone number in the message is NOT a TTU or Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) phone number and the individuals answering that phone are NOT TTU or TTUHSC employees. The fake number provided in these phishing attempts may be a toll free phone number. Please be advised that the TTUHSC IT Division does NOT utilize a toll free number for ANY IT support numbers. ALL IT support numbers are “local” which means the area code is appropriate for your campus location and the phone number itself follows the new VoIP numbering convention for your campus. (All VoIP phone numbers for TTUHSC El Paso have the 915 prefix, Lubbock numbers utilize the 806 prefix and so on for each campuses.)

If you receive any email or computer pop-up messages that appear suspicious, please contact the IT Helpdesk through the published support channels, including the local support number and email addresses listed below, or through the TeamDynamix system at

As always, TTUHSC IT urges all staff, students and faculty to contact the IT Helpdesk to verify the authenticity of any unfamiliar electronic communications. Please take note of the official TTUHSC El Paso IT Helpdesk phone number for future reference. It is (915) 215-4111 or email

Microwave 2



Mind Your Food While Heating!

Recently on campus, a fire alarm was activated due to food burning inside a microwave.   Everyone is reminded not to leave food unattended while heating.



Third Annual Holiday Toy Drive