BIOMED Symposium Evolves Into DYNAMICA EXPO

BIOMED Symposium Evolves Into DYNAMICA EXPO

Last year’s inaugural BIOMED symposium, organized by the Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) Foundation, has been rebranded as DYNAMICA EXPO (“DYNAMICA”), with a new focus on creativity and artistry as being a critical part of breakthrough healthcare innovation. The DYNAMICA has launched and early registration is now open for the two-day event, taking place November 14 and 15. (

DYNAMICA will carry over last year’s goal of inspiring and propelling biomedical innovation, but with components of the conference reimagined to inspire participants to break out of the box and think different. Reimagined components include interactive exhibits, like painting stations that allow people to paint artwork with their minds or an invention station that allows people to invent a new and functional computer keyboard. See these exhibits demonstrated at and

Another aspect of DYNAMICA will be the augmented poster section of its larger poster gallery. Organizers of the symposium will select six poster submissions to be featured through the use of augmented reality. Augmented realty is an enhanced viewing of the real world (such as a poster) through a device that adds sound, text, or other digital stimuli to what is seen. See a demonstration at

Organizers have issued a call for poster abstracts. To be considered for augmented reality, abstracts should be submitted by August 1 to Neyha Sehgal,, (915) 773-5804.

Target audience for DYNAMICA includes researchers of all disciplines, physicians and nurses, and other clinicians, as well as graduate students, university faculty, business entrepreneurs and investors.

Important Dates
· August 1 – Deadline to submit augmented poster abstracts
· September 5 – Deadline to submit traditional poster abstracts
· September 7 – Early online registration closes
· November 7 – Online registration closes

Sierra Providence Health Network is the title sponsor for DYNAMICA and content partner for DYNAMICA’s medical robotics workshops and displays.

DYNAMICA builds off the success of BIOMED 2013, which attracted more than 300 researchers and medical professionals from across the Paso del Norte and U.S. BIOMED also received 88 scientific poster presentations, which resulted in $34,000 in cash awards to outstanding and commercially viable biomedical research.