Campus Traffic and Parking Update

Campus Traffic and Parking Update

Unregistered Vehicle and Rentals on Campus

Employees and students bringing a vehicle on campus other than the one registered, or using a rental for a short period of time, will need to obtain a temporary parking permit for that vehicle.  Information required for a permit includes make, model, color and plate number for the vehicle.

New Vehicles on Campus

New vehicles with temporary plates may be registered through the parking website: http//  To obtain the decal, print the registration confirmation page and present it to a staff member in the Traffic & Parking Office.  After obtaining new license plate number, vehicle information must be updated at the Traffic & Parking Office.


Campus visitors should be instructed to park in a visitor parking space.  If none are available, visitors should notify the Traffic and Parking Office to avoid being issued a warning/citation. Faculty, staff, students, residents or TTUHSC at El Paso affiliated vehicles may NOT park in a visitor parking space.


Employees and students staying late are advised that the parking lot closes and the shuttles stop operating at 7:00 p.m. It is recommended that employees move their vehicles from the North Concepcion parking lot to either the ASB/MEB area or the east patient lot after 4:30 p.m. to avoid calling for assistance to have the lot opened. The Texas Tech Police Department is available to assist employees after hours. The TTPD can be reached at 915-215-7111.

Shuttles will only stop at designated locations marked for shuttle stops. Pedestrians will not be picked up along the way or throughout the parking lots. Employees and students should refrain from waiting in vehicles to wave the shuttles down. Those not at a designated shuttle stop location will be picked up by another shuttle.