Employee Giving Campaign: Andy Conkovich

Each month, a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso employee who contributes to the university’s Employee Giving Campaign will be featured. Participating in this campaign sends a powerful message to the community that employees not only work here, but also truly believe in our mission to serve all people through exemplary patient care, education and research. They are dedicated to excellence and committed to care. This month’s employee is Andy Conkovich, associate vice president and institutional compliance officer for the Office of Institutional Compliance.

The first day of work for most employees at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso involves a series of trainings at New Employee Orientation. Many of these trainings are developed by the Office of Institutional Compliance, led by Andy Conkovich, associate vice president and institutional compliance officer. Conkovich, an almost five-year veteran of TTUHSC El Paso, wears many hats in his position.

Andy Conkovich

Andy Conkovich

“I’m responsible for compliance with state and federal regulations that impact health care, billing audits, risk assessments, and I sponsor educational events associated with the billing and coding process. I also oversee the conflict of interest process and HIPAA compliance,” Conkovich said.

The mission of Institutional Compliance is to advance an institutional culture of ethics, integrity and compliance by developing training, policies, and appropriate oversight and monitoring to assist the TTUHSC El Paso community in conducting activities with the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and excellence.

With the recently acquired full accreditation for an eight-year term by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education for the Foster School of Medicine, Conkovich says his favorite parts of his job are the “new projects to be involved in that the accreditation process produces. These projects advance our organization. There’s no time to be bored.”

Advancing the mission of TTUHSC El Paso means Conkovich not only excels at his job duties but gives back to the university when he can. “I’ve earmarked my payroll contributions for the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. This school serves an incredibly important part of our health sciences center and produces graduates that will change our understanding of many facets of health care.”

Contributions like Conkovich’s support research that will positively impact the El Paso community for generations.

“People support what they believe in, and I believe in TTUHSC El Paso.”

Giving back has never been so easy now that the Employee Giving Campaign form is online. Click here to join the Employee Giving Campaign.