Employee Giving Campaign: Dr. Jerzy Sarosiek Supports the President’s Excellence Fund

Each month, a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso employee who contributes to the university’s Employee Giving Campaign will be featured. Participating in this campaign sends a powerful message to the community that employees not only work here, but also truly believe in our mission to serve all people through exemplary patient care, education and research. This month’s employee is Jerzy SarosiekM.D., Ph.D., AGAF, FACGProfessor of Medicine and Associate Chairman for Research.

Jerzy Sarosiek, M.D., Ph.D., AGAF, FACG

Jerzy Sarosiek, M.D., Ph.D., AGAF, FACG

Dr. Jerzy Sarosiek’s eyes light up, his voice grows louder, and his hands move like an orchestra conductor’s when he talks about the future of medicine and how it is tied to each person’s genome.

But to get there, more doctors need to be trained, which is one of the reasons why Dr. Sarosiek donates to TTUHSC El Paso’s President’s Excellence Fund through the Employee Giving Campaign (EGC).

“I feel it is my altruistic duty to promote the advancement of the medical field by donation,” Dr. Sarosiek said.

He also tries to make others aware of the EGC at department meetings and more subtly by wearing his EGC button prominently on his white coat.

“Some of them probably read the button and go and Google it,” Dr. Sarosiek said. “But some of them are open and ask why I have the button. They ask what did I do (to get to wear the button).”

Dr. Sarosiek said he tells them about the EGC and it gets them to think about joining the campaign and donating.

“If I’m very passionate about giving, it’s because when I was at medical school, during my first two years I received a scholarship, also from such endowment funding, to support my research,” Dr. Sarosiek said of his time at Medical University of Bialystok in Bialystok, Poland. “We have to be capable to just make our place better, better, and better.”

Giving back has never been so easy now that the Employee Giving Campaign form is online. Click here to join the Employee Giving Campaign.