Faculty and Staff Highlight: Autum Waskoviak

Faculty and Staff Highlight: Autum Waskoviak

The Office of Institutional Advancement regularly features a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso faculty or staff member who exemplifies the vision and mission of our institution. Their journeys to becoming TTUHSC El Paso employees are unique and work experiences vary, but all have a passion to improve the lives of the people in our community. They are dedicated to excellence and committed to care.

This month’s employee is Autum Waskoviak, program coordinator with the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

For almost seven years, Autum Waskoviak has been an employee with TTUHSC El Paso, beginning as a business assistant with the Office of Graduate Medical Education and most recently as the program coordinator for the Internal Medicine Residency Program. Most campus staff, faculty and students know her by her unofficial title of “Momma Bear.”

A fierce protector, as well as a genuine nurturer, Waskoviak views her TTUHSC El Paso colleagues as family.

“I think of all of them as my kids,” said Waskoviak of the internal medicine residents. “They are the best part so far. It’s my job to help residents with their schedules, conferences, clinics and whatever they need to complete their training.”

Autum Waskoviak
Autum Waskoviak

Waskoviak is one of the first TTUHSC El Paso employees introduced to hopeful internal medicine residents. She assists medical students from across the nation and around the world with setting up their residency interviews at TTUHSC El Paso.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program interviews over 200 candidates for 15 spots annually. After the Match process is complete, it’s Waskoviak who helps new residents with their onboarding process and trainings. She guides them through three years of residency, often filled with pep talks, collective accomplishments and some tears.

“I cried a lot this year,” said Waskoviak when describing her goodbyes to third-year residents who completed the program.

In addition to looking after her resident cubs, Waskoviak is a full-time mother to her 14-year-old son, Kawika, who’s been influenced by his mother’s passion for health care and helping others. Beginning in elementary school, Kawika saw his mother guide new doctors through the challenging years of residency and on to bigger and better things.

“My little nerd,” said Waskoviak of her son. “He wants to study psychiatry and eventually become a doctor.”

Kawika will begin his journey to become a future health care professional this fall at the Maxine Silva Health Magnet High School with hopes of attending medical school at TTUHSC El Paso’s Foster School of Medicine.

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