Faculty and Staff Highlight: Miranda Alvarez

Faculty and Staff Highlight: Miranda Alvarez

Each month, the Office of Institutional Advancement will feature a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso faculty or staff member who exemplifies the vision and mission of our institution. Their journeys to become TTUHSC El Paso employees are unique and work experiences vary, but all have a passion to improve the lives of the people in our community.

This month’s employee is Miranda Alvarez, associate director of faculty services in the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Miranda Alvarez
Miranda Alvarez

A familiar voice in the Borderland has become a familiar face for faculty at Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso.

“Before I came to TTUHSC El Paso, I was on-air talent for KPRR Power 102.1.  For two years, you heard my voice on the weekends and from live broadcasting at special events,” said Miranda Alvarez, associate director of faculty services in the Office of Faculty Affairs. “Now it is my job to oversee faculty appointments for the university.”

In addition to faculty appointments, Alvarez is the staff liaison for Faculty Council and guides faculty through the promotion and tenure process. The yearlong tenure process takes tenacity and a clear vision for the goal ahead, something Alvarez is all too familiar with in her professional and personal life.

Trained as a graphic designer and digital marketer, Alvarez has recently seen success in the influencer-sphere with her Instagram account @ketomomster. With an expressed goal of becoming healthier, 30,000 followers have been tracking her weight loss journey with the help of the Ketogenic lifestyle since Jan. 2018.

“I started the Instagram account to hold myself accountable when I started the Keto diet,” revealed Alvarez. “Losing 80 pounds has been a significant milestone in my life.”

Ketomomster’s online presence aims to motivate others to accomplish their aspirations of a healthy lifestyle by pursuing a nourishing regimen, with recipes, Keto life hacks, and inspiring posts.

“Creating a Keto recipe book is definitely in my future.”

The TTUHSC El Paso employees are the institution’s most valuable resource. Contact Katherine Vandertulip  at kvandert@ttuhsc.edu to suggest candidates for future Faculty and Staff Highlights.