Health IT Newsletter – October 2014

Health IT Newsletter – October 2014

Provider View and Such…

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to be able to discuss a non-Meaningful Use (MU) issue in this letter.  Despite the challenges of MU and a plethora of Health Information Technology (HIT) challenges, the Clinical Support Services (CSS) team continues to work on ways to improve the provider experience within the GE Centricity Electronic Medical Records (EMR).  Many clinical departments have already seen these enhancements as forms and flow sheets tailored to specific clinical workflows.

Provider View

An EMR enhancement that has been developed, taking into account provider recommendations, as well as data showing the most used document types is the “Provider View”.  This view will remove the clutter of documents between each visit type or phone note.  The hope is that this view will make finding documents much easier, and reducing scrolling through non-provider specific document types during a patient encounter, or when reviewing charts.

The new folders added to the left side of the EMR (see below) will be:

  • Provider View – for provider specific documents,
  • Procedures/Imaging – for images and procedures,
  • Psychiatry – for patient sensitive documents used in Psychiatry, and
  • MU – this folder will be kept as a holding spot for future MU-related documents.

Since this is an attempt at improving the experience within the EMR, I welcome any comments or suggestions on how to improve it with more, or less document types, and potentially different folders that may simplify working within the EMR, without adding too many folders to make it meaningful.


Clinical Visit Summary

The Clinical Visit Summary continues to be a focus of attention for MU (“Provide Clinical Summaries for Patients for Each Office Visit” for 50% of all office visits).  We continue to work with GE on a fix to improve the amount of unnecessary information within the CVS. Once this is available CSS will inform everyone.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal continues to have increasing number of patients signing up.  These are exciting times as we enter a patient-driven era of Health Information.  I would encourage all providers and clinical staffs to remind their patients to utilize the Patient Portal – In the future increased patient portal utilization will help eliminate or reduce the need for paper in our clinics.

I appreciate your patience in these electronically trying times.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you.




Ogechika K Alozie, M.D., M.P.H., CPHIMS
Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO)