Helen of Troy CEO Shares His Keys to Success With TTUHSC El Paso Students and Young El Paso Professionals

Julien Mininberg, CEO of Helen of Troy, a leading global consumer products company with U.S. headquarters in El Paso, spoke to members of the community at TTUHSC El Paso on Thursday, July 18. Mininberg shared insights about Helen of Troy, his extensive global business career, and life lessons that have made a difference along the way.

Guests included TTUHSC El Paso nursing, medical and biomedical students, Helen of Troy employees and interns, and members of Progress321, a nonprofit organization that aims to make the Paso del Norte region the next “best place to live and work.” Mininberg was joined by his wife, Dr. Emeshe Juhasz-Mininberg, who fielded some questions along with her husband following the presentation.

Helen of Troy CEO Julien Mininberg spoke at TTUHSC El Paso on July 18.

Helen of Troy CEO Julien Mininberg spoke at TTUHSC El Paso on July 18.

One of the life lessons the Mininbergs discussed was to make sure to get out of your comfort zone. 

“When you get out of your comfort zone, you end up growing much faster and more meaningfully,” said Mininberg, who has been CEO of Helen of Troy since 2014.

Mininberg also encouraged the audience to visualize a bold, bright future for themselves, resisting the natural tendency toward incrementalism. 

“I am motivated by discovering, learning and envisioning a very bold future,” Mininberg said. “I’m encouraging you to do the same. Not out of arrogance, not out of over-ambitiousness, but out of the concept that the sky’s the limit once you set your mind to something. And if you think that is of interest to you, pursue it. Who knows what path it’ll take you?”

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