Match Day Awards Luncheon

Match Day Awards Luncheon

Match Day festivities continued as students, faculty and staff were recognized for their achievements at the annual Match Day Awards Luncheon.  The following awards were presented to outstanding students:

Emergency Medicine – Mark Reed Flora

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Award – Julie Estrada-Ledford

Family and Community Medicine – Iris Tomas

Internal Medicine – Jennifer Rude

Neurology – Mark Zobeck

OB/GYN – Mallory Hughes

Osler Award – Fatima Khan

Psychiatry – Cynthia Garza

Pediatrics – Mark Zobek

Surgery – Samuel Weimer


Recognition Awards given by the students were also presented:

Lifetime Teaching Award – Harry Davis, M.D., Internal Medicine

Faculty of the Year Award – Bert Johansson, M.D., Pediatrics

Resident of the Year Award – Rahul Rasheed, M.D., Surgery

Staff Person of the Year Award – Alex Garcia, Student Affairs