Mighty Mujer Profile:  Heidi Lyn, M.D.

Mighty Mujer Profile: Heidi Lyn, M.D.

IMG_1958NAME and JOB: Heidi Lyn, M.D., assistant professor in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso Department of OB-GYN. She is 52 and the mother of a 13-year-old son.

ANY WEIGHT LOSS OR WELLNESS BATTLES? I have never had issues with my weight or my health. I do use hormone replacement therapy, which I started after careful consideration when I was 48.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AN ATHLETE? WERE YOU ALWAYS ACTIVE? I have been an athlete all my life. I tried a variety of sports in high school, but was never really a natural athlete. I settled on running. I started the girls cross country team in HS, I continued running for fitness through and after college.

WHAT DOES A “MIGHTY MUJER” MEAN TO YOU? The translation of “mighty woman” means that I am strong, I am determined, I am competitive.

WHAT MADE YOU SIGN UP? My department sponsored a tent last year at Mighty Mujer. I went to watch and cheer on my friend, one of our midwives, who was competing. As I watched the race, I thought, “ I should be doing this, not watching it!”

Dr. Lyn and her fellow cyclists.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO WORK OUT? I increased my workouts when I got divorced three years ago. I find the physical activity really helps me handle stress.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH THROUGH COMPETING? I did a sprint triathlon last October: Iron Soldier. It was my first. I finished fifth in my age group of five women!! I realized for me it’s not just about completing a triathlon, I want to be competitive in my age group. I saw areas for improvement. I learned to swim and run efficiently. So my goal is to place in my age group.

WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO TAKE ON AFTER COMPLETING THE MIGHTY MUJER? I am going to stick with sprint triathlons for now. I will do Iron Soldier and Eagle in the Sun in the fall I am staying away from the longer distances, because that is a lot of pounding and I am older and want to avoid injury. I also like the idea of a sprint (shorter distance) where you really go all out.
WHAT ADVICE TO YOU HAVE FOR OTHERS INTERESTED IN TAKING ON THIS CHALLENGE? I didn’t feel very good about my performance in Iron Soldier. I wasn’t prepared. I think it depends on one’s goal. Do you just want to do it? Or would you like to win it? Make a training plan that is in line with what your particular goal is. Work out with friends and stick to the plan. AND VERY IMPORTANT – Get Outfits! I know it sounds silly, but I talk to patients a lot about exercise, and I think having an outfit you want to put on to exercise in is part of the experience. The same can be said for gear. I have fins , paddles, a swim buoy—none of it very expensive, but fun to use and makes the workouts more fun.