Mighty Mujer Profile – Iskra Jacobo

Mighty Mujer Profile – Iskra Jacobo

photo[1]NAME and JOB: Iskra Jacobo, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso Enterprise System Administrator II

AGE: I’m 37 and mother to two girls, ages 6 & 11.

ANY WEIGHT LOSS OR WELLNESS BATTLES? I don’t have any weight battles, but when training for a triathlon, you definitely lose weight. I’ve lost my belly fat, arms and leg fat.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AN ATHLETE?  WERE YOU ALWAYS ACTIVE? I’ve been a triathlete for one year. Before that, I did a couple of 5Ks, but I didn’t exercise or train at all before. I did my first Mighty Mujer Triathlon in 2014. I loved it so much! It was one of the most rewarding things I have done, so five months ago I started a well-balanced swimming, cycling, running and cross-training program with Full Speed Ahead (FSA) Coaching.

WHAT DOES A “MIGHTY MUJER” MEAN TO YOU? There’s nothing more inspiring than a Mighty Mujer: She, who dares to be at the starting line for the first time because she learned how to break the psychological walls of excuses and fears, overcoming a ton of challenges including injuries, splitting her time between a full-time job, family, little kids, or going to school.

WHAT MADE YOU SIGN UP? I was a Mighty Mujer spectator two years ago. I saw the passion in the Mighty Mujers and I simply wanted to be one of them.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO WORK OUT? When my children saw me finishing the Mighty Mujer Triathlon in 2014, even though it was a super sprint triathlon, they thought I was a hero or a celebrity sports figure. My six-year-old kept saying she wanted to be a “Mighty Bebe”.  I want to be able to inspire them and be healthy so I can take care of them, as I grow older.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH THROUGH COMPETING? I always say that triathlon and life are the most beautiful things. They both have so many things to offer, so it would be unfair to minimize a triathlon to just the result of a competition. I hope to keep enjoying my training, having fun, handling stress, feeling more energetic, improving my overall health and crossing the Mighty Mujer finish line for the second time.

WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO TAKE ON AFTER COMPLETING THE MIGHTY MUJER? I plan to keep on training and complete in another triathlon and a half marathon.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR OTHERS INTERESTED IN TAKING ON THIS CHALLENGE? Set up goals that are realistic, but challenging, i.e.:  Instead of starting to walk everyday for 30 min, try to alternate walking a few minutes, then jogging, so you can move to the next goal.  Get a training buddy. Look for a cycling group. And be very patient — but also very persistent!