PodMed TT – Cardiovascular Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, Nuts and Olive Oil

Kudos to the New England Journal of Medicine! On PodMed TT this week, Rick and I agree that congrats are in order for the republication of a study extolling the virtues of the Mediterranean diet—with either extra-virgin olive oil or nuts added—in reducing cardiovascular disease risk. Adoption of either of these diets versus simple advice to reduce fat intake resulted in an approximately 30 percent drop in cardiovascular events, and that’s good news.

What’s noteworthy about this study is that it was a complete recalculation of the original numbers, based on the observation that what was supposed to be a randomized trial wasn’t. The editors of NEJM demanded a retraction, the researchers complied, and the paper was republished this week. We at least are pleased that people are paying attention and requiring scientific rigor.

Now, perhaps that message can be extended to dietary rigor for all!

Other topics this week include a sobering look at suicide numbers nationally in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report; the relationship between allergic conditions and autism in JAMA Network Open; and USPSTF recommendations on screening EKGs in those at low risk in JAMA.

Until next week, y’all listen up and make healthy choices.