PodMed TT – Ebola Vaccine Efficacy

As Ebola continues to spread in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization is responding by using the only available vaccine in areas of suspected or confirmed cases. In this week’s PodMed TT, Rick and I discuss what’s known so far in the limited studies available on the vaccine, including one published last month in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. It turns out that there are three centers in which trials have taken place, with just over 200 subjects. The good news is that neutralizing antibodies persisted in these folks for up to two years. One potential downside: some people developed arthritis post-vaccination, although Rick points out in the podcast that the symptom also seemed to predict a more robust immune response to the vaccine. For now, this is what we have, and juxtaposed against Ebola infection seems a reasonable price to pay.

Other topics this week include outcomes relative to “resolved” atrial fibrillation in the BMJ, a new antibody treatment for prevention of migraines in JAMA, and a look at parental use of tobacco and cannabis in Pediatrics. Until next week, y’all listen up and make healthy choices.