PodMed TT – Mumps Resurgence and More

PodMed TT – Mumps Resurgence and More

Have you been vaccinated against mumps? Most people in the United States can answer yes, yet there’s been a disturbing resurgence of the infectious disease nationally. A study Rick and I discuss on PodMed TT this week, published in Science Translational Medicine, concludes that the culprit is waning immunity. Mathematical modeling indicates that immunity is lost, on average, 27 years after vaccination—and is not due to mutations in the virus. The authors conclude that additional boosters for adults might be appropriate, and Rick and I heartily agree, having advocated for this strategy for years with respect to many infectious diseases. Those who are concerned can certainly request immunization ahead of official recommendations, and while awaiting results of clinical trials.

Other topics this week include Association of E-Cigarette Use With Smoking Cessation Among Smokers Who Plan to Quit After a Hospitalization in Annals of Internal Medicine,

Low Back Pain in The Lancet, and Antibiotic Therapy Duration in US Adults With Sinusitis in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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