PodMed TT – Smoking Cessation Methods

Isn’t it amazing that among 7,000 current smokers, only 1,400 were willing to give smoking cessation a try? That’s one disconcerting fact in a pragmatic New England Journal of Medicine study of smoking cessation methods Rick and I discuss on PodMed TT this week.

After the dawning of that fact, the rest of the findings seem rather unsurprising: only a small percentage of the subjects remained smoke-free after interventions including provision of information, nicotine replacement, e-cigarettes and monetary incentives. Of these, monetary incentives proved most efficacious, while e-cigarettes were not helpful. It’s yet more grist for the discussion of the role of these devices as a bridge to cessation.

Rick puts it succinctly: let’s just terminate smoking entirely. Agreed!

Other topics this week include the dietary upside of eggs in Heart, occlusion of the left atrial appendage and stroke reduction in JAMA, and a relative increase in lung cancer among women in NEJM.

Until next week, y’all listen up and make healthy choices.