PodMed TT – The Benefits of Taking Blood Pressure With a Portable Monitor

Measuring blood pressure over 24 hours with a portable monitor while going about your daily activities is much better at predicting cardiovascular events and death than a single measurement at the doctor’s office, according to a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine that Rick and I discuss this week on PodMed TT.

Wow! We agree that this type of “ambulatory” blood pressure monitoring is better, and kudos to the folks in Spain who conducted the study! One surprising takeaway is that there are people who have normal blood pressure in the clinic but who have elevated pressures over 24 hours. These people are at three times the risk for adverse outcomes compared to those with normal blood pressure. Clearly, this group will only be found when ambulatory pressures are taken routinely—something we heartily endorse.

Other topics this week include two from the Journal of the American Medical Association: Who benefits from statin therapy? and recommendations for preventing falls in the elderly. And from the Lancet, researchers shed light on a question that interests many of us: How much alcohol consumption is healthy?

Until next week, y’all listen up and make healthy choices.