Resident Highlight: Liliana Monroy, M.D.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso’s residency training programs provide resident physicians with opportunities for broad clinical exposure, advanced education and research. Our residents come from diverse backgrounds, but all share the desire to deliver exemplary patient care. The Office of Institutional Advancement invites you to get to know these talented physicians through our regular Resident Highlights.

This month’s highlight features Liliana Monroy, M.D., a resident physician with the Department of Psychiatry and incoming President of the TTUHSC El Paso House Staff Association.

The TTUHSC El Paso House Staff Association is an independent, nonprofit organization managed by residents and fellows. In the medical community, the term “house staff” has traditionally been used to describe residents and fellows who work “in house” (in the hospital). The HSA represents the interests of house staff and addresses issues that affect physicians during their residencies or fellowships.

The start of the 2020-2021 academic year marks the transition to their new leadership team. Liliana Monroy, M.D., a resident physician with the Department of Psychiatry, is the association’s new president.

Liliana Monroy, M.D.

Liliana Monroy, M.D.

“Being in my current position at HSA allows me to advocate for my fellow residents. I can help them by being a voice when they need to be heard,” Dr. Monroy said of her role with the HSA. “Ultimately, we can improve the learning experience of all residents.”

Aiding others comes naturally to Dr. Monroy as a physician, specifically a psychiatrist.

“Helping people has always given me a great sense of accomplishment,” Dr. Monroy said. “Specifically, during residency – having the opportunity to help not only patients, but colleagues, means a great deal to me.”

Dr. Monroy earned her medical degree at the University of Monterrey in her hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. She said Monterrey and our city share a similar geography, climate and culture, and she feels a deep connection to her new community of El Paso. It’s a connection that mirrors her generous spirit at TTUHSC El Paso.

“El Paso resembles my hometown in several ways, making me feel at home. The most remarkable quality of El Paso, to me, is its people. The people in El Paso, no matter their cultural background, are very warm, kind and welcoming to everyone in town.”