SARP Symposium 2014

SARP Symposium 2014

The 2014 Paul L. Foster School of Medicine Scholarly Activity and Research Program (SARP) Symposium was held November 12 and 13. Students presented their posters to a panel of faculty judges and four students were selected to receive travel awards to attend national level meetings or conferences. The project titles and awardees are:

1) “Does Social Support Moderate the Association of Socioeconomic Status and Subclinical Atherosclerosis?” Zameer Abedin, MS2 (mentor: Norrina Allen, Ph.D., Northwestern University)

2)Suicide Prevention: A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Determine Best Prevention Program for the El Paso AreaEmily Moody, MS2 (mentor: Marie Leiner, Ph.D.)

3)Biochemical Characterization of Tamoxifen-treated Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells Caleb Smith, MS2 (mentors: Cynthia Perry, PhD and Olivera Nesic-Taylor, Ph.D.)

4 )“Examining the Role of AP-1 in Mouse Myoblast Differentiation” Mark Girton, MS3 (mentor: Curt Pfarr, Ph.D.)

Six additional students rounded out the ‘Top 10″ poster presenters. They are:

Rahul Chhana (MS4) Starting a Gastroenterology Fellowship Increased the Adenoma Detection Rate in a University Practice” (mentor: Sharif Elhanafi, M.D.)

Kevin Lowder (MS3) “Prevalence of Eosinophilia among Hispanic Hemodialysis Patients on the US-Mexican International Border” (mentor: Pedro Blandon, M.D.)

Huy Ly (MS3) “Relationship Between Plasma Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Levels and Depressive Symptoms in the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study”(mentor: Sherwood Brown, M.D., Ph.D., UT Southwestern Medical Center)

Rebecca Rodriguez (MS2) “Mission Thrive Summer: A Comprehensive Summer Health Program for Urban High School Students”(mentor: Christopher R. D’Adamo, Ph.D., University of Maryland SOM)

Gabriel Scott (MS2) A New Look Into Lacrimal Gland Innervation (mentors: Thomas Gest, PhD and Heather Balsiger, MS)

Meredith Wittie (MS2) “Differentiation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells of Danon Disease Patients into Neural Stem Cells” (mentor: Cynthia N. Perry, Ph.D.)