Six Honored During Badge Pinning Ceremony

Six Honored During Badge Pinning Ceremony

10917326_1054945654532385_7939857125556989163_nOn January 20, six individuals from the Texas Tech Police Department (TTPD) were recognized during a badge pinning ceremony. “Three guards were promoted to police officers, including our first female police 10945025_1054946817865602_7441775512389121419_nofficer – Michelle Maynez – who was also class valedictorian in her academy class,” said TTPD Lieutenant Tony Quintela. Three guards were promoted to senior guard staff and will now supervise staff during their respective shifts. TTUHSC El Paso President Richard Lange and El Paso Dean for Finance and Administration Frank Stout were present to honor these individuals, along with TTPD Chief Ronald Seacrist, TTPD Assistant Chief Kenny Evans, and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Operations Captain Larry Clendenning. “Congratulations to those who were promoted and I wish them the best in their careers and future endeavors,” said Quintela.


Staff promoted were:

Guard to Police Officer

Andrew Valdez

Michelle Maynez

Jorge Chavez

Guard to Senior Guard

Charles Smith

Alexander Berrios

Jennifer Olivas