Students Meet El Paso Business Leader and Philanthropist Jerry Rubin

Students Meet El Paso Business Leader and Philanthropist Jerry Rubin

On Wednesday, July 17, TTUHSC El Paso President Rick Lange hosted a reception for UTEP graduates and other El Paso students who are pursuing degrees in nursing, medicine and biomedical sciences at TTUHSC El Paso.

The event’s special guest was Gerald “Jerry” Rubin, who shared life lessons in career and family. Rubin, a 1965 Texas Western College (now UTEP) graduate, founded El Paso-based Helen of Troy in 1968. He led the consumer products company until 2014, growing it to over $1 billion in annual sales. He is currently CEO of River Oaks Properties, a major El Paso-based shopping center developer.

Rubin recounted his time growing up in El Paso, and how he began to collect baseball cards, buying them with the extra couple of pennies from the 25 cents his father gave him from time to time. He talked about making wise investments; had he kept those cards, they would be worth millions today.

He reminded students what his father told him: “You don’t have to go away to the east coast to get a great education and succeed—you can do that right here at home.”

That is just what Rubin did. Together with his wife Stanlee, the Rubins have impacted the El Paso community through their philanthropy and visionary leadership.

The reception served as a unique opportunity for students to meet and talk to a community leader who continues to impact and pave the way for economic growth across the region.

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