The Office of CME Launches New Online Registration System

The Office of CME Launches New Online Registration System

The Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME) recently launched a new online registration system for all of its events. The new system will not only make registration easier, but also allow for easier communication and tracking of participants.

Continuing medical education is essential to all medical professionals as yearly CME credits are required in order to maintain a medical license with good standing. Doctors, nurses, and even dentists are all required to obtain continuing education credits because the field of medicine is under constant change as new treatments are discovered, procedures change, and understanding evolves.

The Office of CME hosts events throughout the year, ranging from regularly scheduled series or grand rounds guest lectures to multi-day conferences and symposiums. Some annual upcoming CME events are the 4th Annual Clinical Simulation Conference of West Texas and the 17th Annual Rio Grande Trauma Conference.

The ultimate goal of these events is to close professional practice gaps, which helps to achieve better patient outcomes. Medical professionals also get the chance to network and collaborate, as these events attract professionals from around the Paso del Norte region.

The new online system will soon allow users to pay registrations fee online and easily track their CME credits. Users will be able to access and print CME credit transcripts from their own computers.

Anyone who has attended a CME event within the last year is already a part of this new system and can log in with his/her TTUHSC email and last name as the username and password, respectively. First-time users are encouraged to change their password after the first login.

For more information about continuing medical education or upcoming CME events, visit the Office of CME online. To see the new system and what it has to offer, click here and use the login button on the left-hand side of the page.