‘The Tummy Doctor’ Takes Tummy-Trouble Questions on The Exam Room

Stomach troubles can be uncomfortable in more ways than one. It’s often embarrassing to share these symptoms with your physician, but it’s important to do so, because they may be indicative of a serious health issue. That’s when it’s good to know that there is someone like “The Tummy Doctor” to hear you out.

On Tuesday, July 24, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso hosted its latest episode of The Exam Room, a Facebook Live Q&A with Richard McCallum, M.D., aka “The Tummy Doctor.” Dr. McCallum is a professor and founding chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at TTUHSC El Paso who frequently appears on local radio programs to answer listeners’ questions about stomach health.

Dr. McCallum covered a variety of topics for Q&A participants, such as lactose intolerance; probiotics and the FODMAP diet for gut health; gluten sensitivity; fecal transplants as a potential aid in weight loss; and how stress is related to tummy problems.

Watch a recap of The Exam Room below (video starts at 0:55):