TTUHSC El Paso Research Spotlighted at National Digestive Disease Conference

TTUHSC El Paso Research Spotlighted at National Digestive Disease Conference

This year, 52 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) researchers presented at international Digestive Disease Week (DDW) in Chicago, Illinois. DDW is the premier conference for health care professionals specializing in gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy, gastrointestinal surgery, and other GI-related fields.

Of the 29 TTUHSC El Paso research abstracts submitted, 27 were accepted for presentation by a peer-review selection process — amounting to an acceptance rate of 93 percent, compared to the average of 60 percent. Six of the abstracts were featured as oral presentations, including one in the highly competitive plenary session.

“This kind of productivity establishes TTUHSC El Paso as a leader in the delivery of many scientific messages to a national and international GI audience,” said Irene Sarosiek, M.D., director of GI motility and neurostimulation research in the Department of Internal Medicine.

TTUHSC El Paso’s representation at the conference exceeded regional expectations, with cutting-edge findings being generated through successful collaborations between the university’s faculty, medical students, internal medicine and surgery residents, GI fellows, and research coordinators and assistants, as well as researchers at other major universities throughout the nation.

Collaborations with external researchers included clinical trials run by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases’ Gastroparesis Clinical Research Consortium, as well as joint research with Biomedical Engineer Ricardo von Borries, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso; Kent Van Sickle, M.D., Department of Surgery, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; Vince Calhoun, Ph.D., the Mind Research Network, Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Marvin Friedman, Ph.D., Department of Radiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York University, New York.

“Serving as investigators, teachers, and mentors is the example we are setting for all faculty at the PLFSOM,” said Dr. Irene Sarosiek. “Our university’s recognition at the DDW conference emphasizes the importance of building a strong research infrastructure at TTUHSC El Paso, as well as being open to local and national collaborators. We believe this is one of many recipes for fulfilling our commitment to the mission of our university,” she said.


TTUHSC El Paso faculty whose research was presented at DDW were:




Department of Internal Medicine


Gastroenterology Division

Antonio Mendoza-Ladd, M.D.

Richard McCallum, M.D.

Irene Sarosiek, M.D.

Jerzy Sarosiek, M.D., Ph.D.

Marc Zuckerman, M.D.


Endocrinology Division

Tamis Bright, M.D.


Department of Surgery


Brian Davis, M.D.


Department of Radiology


Jesus Diaz, M.D.

Luis Ramos-Duran, M.D.

Hugo Sandoval, Ph.D.


Department of Pathology


Alireza Torabi, M.D., Ph.D.

  1. Nawar Hakim, M.D.


Department of Psychiatry


Silvina Tonarelli, M.D.




Daniel Terreros, M.D.

Olof Sundin, Ph.D.

Dolgor Baatar, M.D., Ph.D.

Alok Dwivedi, Ph.D.



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