eMail Phishing: Don’t take the bait!

The TTUHSC IT Division has been notified of numerous recent phishing attempts. Some of these include “Fake Help Desk Scams.” Please be aware, these malicious cyber attackers try to trick users into believing their computer is malfunctioning and prompting the recipient to provide their log on credentials or other personal information.

TTUHSC IT Security warns users not to open attachments (or go to links/URLs) from unknown senders, or open unexpected attachments (or go to links/URLs) from known senders. Opening these attachments from either your TTUHSC email, or your personal email accounts on a device connected to the TTUHSC network, can give attackers full access to your machine and places the entire institution at a risk for data leakage.

TTUHSC IT does NOT send email notifications to account holders asking you to verify, confirm or validate your account. The IT Solution Center and other TTUHSC IT staff will NEVER ask you to provide your password or other personal information.  Please contact the IT Solution Center in El Paso at (915) 215-4111, or this announcement or any suspicious email you may receive.