Faculty Mixer: “From Beakers to Business”

Unknown-7On April 9, over 40 faculty members attended the “From Beakers to Business” faculty mixer, sponsored by the Office of the Unknown-6Associate Dean for Research, Innovate Texas Tech, and the Office of Institutional Advancement.  Faculty enjoyed presentations by Al DiRienzo, President of RedSky, and Barbara Walker from Cisco Systems.  DiRienzo and Walker spoke about their experiences with commercializing research and how commercialization can benefit faculty, the medical school, and the surrounding community.

“The recent mixer was both socially enriching and highly educational.  It was really good to hear from the speakers about how we can best move our scientific discoveries from the bench top to the bedside in an expedient manner,” said Ruth Perez, Ph.D., associate professor in the Center of Excellence for Neurosciences.  Representatives from The Hub, UTEP Center for Research Entrepreneurship and Innovative Enterprises, SAIC, and an attorney specializing in IP Law were also on-hand to answer questions and share their stories.

TTUHSC faculty don’t have to go far to learn more about commercializing their research.  “Innovate Texas Tech is one office that desires to support faculty in their efforts to impact the Unknown-5world with their ground-breaking research.  We are excited to work closely with them through our new office,” said Rosey Natividad, Director of Innovate Texas Tech.  Natividad is available to answer questions and help guide faculty through the process at rosalinda.natividad@ttu.edu.

To suggest topics for upcoming mixers, contact Natalie Nevarez-Straight in the Office of the Associate Dean for Research at natalie.nevarez@ttuhsc.edu.