From the Desk of the Founding Dean

Higher Education Coordinating Board– This past Wednesday, President Mitchell and I were invited to present an update on the development of TTUHSC El Paso to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. We provided them with a historical overview of the development of the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine and the Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing.  We also gave the board an update on the status of our new health sciences center.  The board was very complimentary on our success and requested comments on what we’ve learned to help the establishment of future health sciences centers. This will be instrumental in the future growth of health care in Texas. 

Match Day – Last Friday, while most of our campus was off for spring holiday, our Paul L. Foster School of Medicine fourth-year students and many of our medical school faculty and staff participated in Match Day events.  Anticipation filled the air as our 53 students discovered which residency program they “matched” with for the next three to five years of training.  Our students were selected to attend some of the finest training programs in the country – from Walter Reed Medical Center to Vanderbilt University – which is not only a testament to the high standards of our students, but to our quality educators and curriculum, which helped set the foundation these students will stand on as they reach for heights unknown.  I’m so proud of the achievements of our students – and wish them the best as they finish up the year before diving into summer – and their chosen specialty.

TSS – The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine will host the Texas Surgical Society’s (TSS) Spring Semi-Annual Scientific meeting next week, April 4-6, on campus. This will be only the third time in the society’s 99-year history that it has held its meeting in El Paso. The scientific meetings are held every six months. I want to thank our surgical faculty, including Dr. Alan Tyroch, Dr. Ed Saltzstein, and El Paso area members and their spouses, for all their efforts in helping to host the meeting here. The honored guest speaker for the event is Dr. Michael J. Sise. Please read more about it in this blog.