Investigators in the Center of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Receive Over $2.4 Million in NIH Grants

2 1.5 - Huanyu DouDr. Huanyu Dou, a
ssistant professor in Biomedical Sciences and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC EP) Center of Excellence (COE) in Infectious Diseases investigator, and her collaborator at the University of Pittsburgh, were recently awarded a four year R01 grant from the National Institute of Medical Sciences/ National Institute of Health for research titled “Injury Mechanisms and Systemic Immune Responses after Cerebral Global Ischemia”.  The TTUHSC El Paso component of the award is $964,000. The central hypothesis of this grant proposal is that most of the disseminated neuronal loss in the later phase of reperfusion after resuscitation can be prevented and reversed by tailoring the immune system to turn off pro-inflammatory responses and turn on protective immune activation. It is anticipated that the studies will pave the way for development of a systemic strategy to treat neuronal damage associated with global cerebral ischemia such as that seen after cardiac arrest.

2 1.5 - Premlata Shankar.Dr. Premlata Shankar, principal investigator, and Dr. Manjunath Swamy, co-investigator, both professors in Biomedical Sciences and TTUHSC EP COE in Infectious Diseases investigators, were recently awarded a 1.5 million dollar grant from the National110 Swamy Heart lung and blood Institute/National Institute of Health for research titled “Role of PD-1H induced monocyte activation in HIV pathogenesis”. The four year RO1 grant will investigate the role of a novel co-stimulatory molecule called Programmed Death-1Homologue (PD-1H) in regulating monocyte activation/function in normal and HIV infected individuals. It is anticipated that the studies will shed light on the underlying mechanism of chronic immune activation associated with HIV infection and help identify novel targets for therapeutic intervention.