Pathology Honors Society Induction Photos

The Pathology Interest Group at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (PLFSOM), in conjunction with the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI), hosted a ceremony celebrating recent graduates and medical students inducted into the PLFSOM’s Pathology Honors Society. Students were honored for their special aptitude and interest in the field of pathology. Pins and certificates of achievement were presented to the inductees. Ellen Dudrey, M.D., assistant professor in the PLFSOM Department of Medical Education, presented the history of pathology, along with stories on significant figures.  Dr. Osvaldo Padilla, M.D., assistant professor in the PLFOSM Department of Medical Education, presented the awards.  “I am extremely happy and honored to be inducted into our society, especially since this is the first year. I have admired the recent graduates who entered the field of pathology, and I am excited that this society will provide a way to stay connected to my colleges from PLFSOM who have also entered this exciting career,” said fourth-year medical student Jeff Mohlman.

The inductees were Benjamin Ramos, M.D., Lily (Sunyu) Tran, M.D., Jonathon Lavezo, Jeffrey Mohlman, Jacob Smith, Astin Powers, Mark Girton, Cynthia Reyes Barron, Leigha Sharp, and James Gaulding.

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