Regional Training and Simulation Center Presentations Featured at International Meeting

The 14th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare held its annual conference on January 25th-29th in San Francisco.  Five presentations were selected from the Regional Training and Simulation Center (RTSC) in the Department of Emergency Medicine for this world’s largest simulation in healthcare conference. Presentations included:

  • “I Want Sim, but at What Cost?” presented by Valerie Sanchez, MHA, and Veronica Greer, M.D.
  • “Simulation In the Street!” presented by Brian Wilson, BA, NREMTP, and Lawrence Rascon, LP
  • “Getting the Biggest Bang from your Civilian Casualty Care Course” presented by Veronica Greer, M.D., and Samuel Gutierrez, MBA, LP
  • “Portable and Affordable: AV System for In-Situ Simulation for Under $2,000” and “Building a Custom IP AV System” presented by Scott Crawford, M.D., and Eduardo Luevano, BS