Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso Anesthesiologists Providing Services at Sierra Providence Health Network Locations

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso and Sierra Providence Health Network (SPHN) collaboration continues as five Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC EP) faculty anesthesiologists began providing services at Sierra Providence Health network locations on July 14, in collaboration with current providers. The TTUHSC EP faculty physicians will provide services at Providence Memorial Hospital, Sierra Medical Center, and Sierra Providence East Medical Center .

“We are privileged to play a role in keeping this highly talented group of physicians here in El Paso while meeting the needs of this community,” said Eric Evans, Market CEO, SPHN. “We look forward to expanding our partnership with TTUHSC El Paso through future projects.”

According to Michael Romano, M.D., Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs for the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, anesthesia is an essential component of the medical school curriculum, and an essential rotation in the training of surgeons and emergency medicine physicians. Furthermore, anesthesia is a popular career choice for Paul L. Foster School of Medicine students. In the past two years, 10% of the graduating medical student body has matched to anesthesia residencies. “This project will allow the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine to provide this curriculum and career exposure in El Paso, and we appreciate the support and collaboration of SPHN,” said Romano.

About Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, the Texas Tech University System’s fourth university, has a mission to provide education, research, and patient care to far West Texas. It is comprised of the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, the Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing and is a regional campus for a Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. The university has a clinical practice called Texas Tech Physicians which is part of the largest network of healthcare physicians in far West Texas. Research focuses on cancer, diabetes & obesity, infectious diseases, and neurology.

About Sierra Providence Health Network:

Sierra Providence Health Network includes Sierra Providence East Medical Center, Sierra Medical Center, Providence Memorial Hospital and Providence Children’s Hospital. The Network also offers a wide range of outpatient services including Sierra Providence TotalCare, Sierra Providence Urgent Care Centers, Sierra Providence Trawood Center and ER, Sierra Providence Northeast Center and ER, Sierra Teen and Women’s Centers, Wound CareCenters, and Sierra Providence Sleep Disorders Center. SPHN is committed to providing the Greater El Paso region with high-quality, patient-centered care that improves our region’s well-being.